The Misuse of the Computer

As I got ready to write this, I realized that this is part of a much larger subject – the misuse of technology. The subject is so general, so applicable to nearly everything – I’m not sure it makes any sense. Anything can be misused – power, for example. But this wide applicability only means the concept is valuable – something we can apply to many situations.

The important word here is “we” a concept, that for many people means nothing. For them, other things have taken over, and made people obsolescent. Such as the Computer.

It is worth spending some time considering what these other things have been – and still are. They are anything people have become obsessed with – and have taken over their lives. The most obvious example are religious – people want to devote their lives to some higher purpose. And it doesn’t seem to matter much what that purpose is.

In my working life, the last half of the last Century – it was Business. And people gladly devoted their lives to it. If they weren’t sure what Business was – they only had to look around them, and see what other people thought it was – and follow their example.

You may object, and point that that few seem to have gotten the message – to be part of Business. I have many nephews and nieces who are nothing, and not interested in being anything – in Business, or anything else. They have looked at what they were supposed to be – and voted out of it – with their feet.

And older people also – who have been made obsolescent by the Computer. They don’t want to be any part of it – even though making this transition would be fairly easy. All they have to do is accept this new regime – and give up the old one. But they would rather be dead.

Why this extreme reaction? What were they so upset about? They were upset, I think – because the Computer had destroyed their world – and demanded they join its world. I made this transition fairly easily, because I didn’t care much for the Old World – and anything seemed better.

They felt differently about this – even though they had no idea what they are feeling.


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