What We Can See

Every culture can be aware of some things, but not other things. This is what culture amounts to.

The burning question, for me has been “What is American culture? What are Americans like?” Part of the answer is clear – Americans don’t want to know what they are like. And they don’t want other people to know either. Because part of what they are is too embarrassing. Which immediately raises the question “What is so embarrassing?”

There are many answers to this question – so many it is hard to organize them. But we are left with our original observation – Americans don’t want to know what they are like – unless it is flattering to them.

And this is an important point – Americans think highly of themselves – very highly. Which makes me wonder “What are they covering up?” And here we get into a bag of worms – a big bag of worms. America blew it – and blew it big time. Beginning in the 19th Century.

The record is clear – Americans had their big break with their Constitutional Convention, which made them into a United States. France, a close ally of the Americans at the time, did not have have this break – and never recovered from this deficiency.

One thing however, was not resolved – Slavery. Which led to the American Civil War, and racial issues that were not resolved until the 1960s – one hundred years later!

But something else was happening – Americans became immoral! More interested in making money than anything else. This fact is not controversial – Americans of all kinds will readily agree to this. But then sweep it under the rug – and refuse to to talk about it.

So much trash is under that rug, it can barely cover it. But Americans cannot see this.


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