Objective Reality

The great discovery of the Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revolution was Objective Reality – the realization that our beliefs about the world were not necessarily the way the world actually was. There was Objective time and space – that we could utilize to our advantage.

This probably makes no sense to you – but I can illustrate it with an example. Latin America was not much affected by the Industrial Revolution – that is why it is so poor. In the North, calendars are common – any office has a large one on its wall, with the events for day clearly marked. Their schedule is organized around the Calendar – the direct representation of Objective Reality. Latinos do not use calendars very much. They make them uncomfortable – they prefer a more flexible time – a representation of Subject Reality.

The North uses Objective space – any location there can be described by two coordinates – in practical terms, a street name and a building number. Latino directions, by contrast, are a long series of instructions – starting with a landmark, any local person can recognize. This is inefficient, to say the least – but Latinos will have no other. That is their way.

But Subjective Reality still exists – and is much more common. This is part of our Language ability – which consists of many languages, each developed for a particular time and space. It is part of the Business world – the most important part of our world, by far. Each company has its own culture, and everyone associated with that company has to conform to its way of doing things.

They strongly resist any attempts at standardization – even as they recognize their importance. This is completely inconsistent – but an inconsistency they can easily overlook.

They can be objective when it suits them – and subjective when it suits them.


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