The Industrial Mind

I am still obsessed with wondering “What went wrong?” When most people are saying “Nothing went wrong!”

That won’t cut it with me, because, in my working life – I was convinced over and over that something was wrong – and badly wrong. But I had to admit that most of my fellow-Americans could not see it this way. They would admit to this or that problem – but insist they all could be fairly easily solved – and, in fact, were in the process of being solved.

I had to admit there was two parts to this problem – the objective part, things that did not work, in the real world, that could be adequately described (using words). And the subjective part, things that did not work in people’s minds (mostly in their unconscious minds) that have to be inferred from their behavior – that they will deny, if they are pointed out to them. Changing these is very difficult – if not impossible.

But there is a problem with this neat description, some things are both objective and subjective – politics and the economy, for example. And one other thing – the background in which these things happen. Which affects everything – such as how people feel about each other.

We can concentrate on the last item – how people feel about each other – feelings that are mostly unconscious.

People have been puzzled about this forever – or at least since the Greeks dramatized it, and thought about it. They knew there were forces, sometimes divine forces, but there were lots of other kinds – that determined human behavior.

This is still true – but the forces (and the problems) are much bigger. We inherited an Industrial Mind – but it is no longer adequate for today’s world.

This morning, I read this article, for the second time HOW APPLE HELPED CREATE IRELAND’S ECONOMIES, REAL AND FANTASTICAL. A great example of how things are not working. Also an example of how Business is not working – something every Business department in every American university agrees with.

I would summarized the problem this way – the Industrial World produced its own successor, we don’t have a name for yet – but has not helped us deal with its problems. And we have the right to say “You have not treated us fairly!” but it is saying “Too bad for you, sink or swim!”


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