The Invasion of the Body-Snatchers

Sounds like the title of a Science Fiction movie, doesn’t it?

But it wasn’t – I was thinking over my past (I have a lot of time for that, now) and remembering my first days in the Computer Industry – in 1980.

I had worked for 20 years as an Electronic Engineer – which meant that I knew about vacuum tubes – in and out. But semiconductor technology made vacuum tubes obsolete – and Electronic Engineers, with them. I was without a job, and running out of money.

I decided to become a technical writer – I had a technical background, from my father – and I could write, a skill I got from my mother. And there were jobs in Computers – so I went to work for them.

Right away, I knew something was not right. The Body-Snatchers were at work – and they were snatching the company I was working for. The same thing the pirates had been doing for centuries.

I know this sounds weird, but that that is the easiest way of describing it – I could fill you in on the technical details – but they would bore you. The companies these guy were after were not helpless blond maidens, pictured in the Comic Books, but they were worth money. Once the pirates had the money, the blondes would easily follow.

And this happened for twenty years – at company after company – and is still going on.

The body they are after, even if you were an attractive young woman – is something more seductive – the taste of money – or even more bluntly – power.


One thought on “The Invasion of the Body-Snatchers

  1. This was the time Hal when the same thing was going on in the manufacturing industry as well. Hostile takeovers. We have a wonderful book written by journalists for the Philadelphia Inquirer that describes how successful company after successful company and business were bought up for the assets and then dis-assembled. No regard for the employees or the communities where the businesses/companies were located. This is how Mitt Romney made some of his money. Judy’s brother Richard worked for a steel company that made ball bearings and was displaced when the company was sold robbed of its assets. In a word these companies were raped–it has gone on all over.

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