People Can No Longer Control Their World

This may strike you as a strange thing to worry about – why should I care about the rest of the world? I finally have my own little world working, why worry about the rest? But, for whatever the reason – I do worry anyway.

I probably started asking this the moment I was born – it only seemed reasonable to ask why? Why was I here, in this strange place, and not somewhere else?

But the most important question, by far – was “Why wasn’t the world taking care of me?” I knew the world was supposed to take care of me – why wasn’t it?

I wanted to throw myself on the floor, and scream at the top of my lungs. I actually did this once, in a group therapy session – but nobody got the message. The message was too big for them to get.

The message was, to put it simply “The world cannot take care of anybody, and doesn’t want to. It is too busy doing other things.”

Give that a moment to sink in – the world was not interested in the people in it! The world I am referring to was the American world of the last century – that I had the bad luck to be born into.

When I moved to Costa Rica, I discovered that the people down here, do take care of their small children – and love doing this. When they become older, and adolescents, and start looking for a job – the situation changes – they become a problem. Costa Rica, still a Catholic country, has had a population boom. They like having children – but don’t know what to do with them, once they grow up.

The Costa Rican economy is part of the Global economy – that has the same problem – too many people, and nowhere for them to go, in case of troubles – which seem to be getting worse.

The problem is simple – there are too many of us! And this situation is going to get worse, before it gets better – if that ever happens.

But that is not all – the big problem is much worse – people have solved their problems by not thinking about them – and indeed – making sure that no one can think about them. They can say, truthfully “We don’t see any problems!”

If the world is full of people killing other people – that’s not a problem.


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