The Exercise of Power

The power I am referring to is social – the ability of some people, or groups of people, to dominate others.

My parents, for example, were obsessed with being respectable, and in climbing the social ladder. And in the high-growth economy that followed WWII – they succeeded. Looking back at it, many years later – it is not clear what they succeeded at.

Back then, this hardly mattered – they were successful because they knew they were successful. They had more money than the Mexicans did, just across the border.

They had learned how to relate to Power – and important lesson they never forgot. Power was more important than people were.

The implications resulting from this have been profound – and, for the most part, have not been adequately analyzed.

What did people do when when they were not wanted? They quietly folded their tents and stole into the night – a fancy way of saying that they no longer existed. The power structure no longer needed them, or wanted them – so they quietly vanished! And they were not missed.

They had been needed in Manufacturing – but that was now done by the Chinese, who could do it faster and cheaper.

The overall result was that America was no longer as powerful!

But this was not noticed, because Americans were looking elsewhere – at Networks, made possible by Television and the Computer. The same place the rest of the world was looking at.

Power was getting a new meaning, that is not clear yet – but its effect on people was – it cannot employ many of them.

This threatens a lot of people – they are not important, and they have no jobs. Political instability may bring down the whole house of cards.


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