Wrecking the World Begins with Wrecking the Self

I know plenty of people, who are are not bad – and not good either. In their opinion, this is the right way to be – to be nothing at all. They can calmly watch as the world destroys itself – while doing nothing to stop it.

I started reading Strangers in Their Own Land this morning – the first day it came out. Every American ought to read this – but few will. No one I know reads anything – not even on their iPhone – that gets their undivided attention.

The author of this book, Arlie Russell Hochschild, is baffled by what she calls the Great Paradox – that is no paradox to me. People everywhere are set on destroying their world – and they are succeeding.

Only one thing baffles me more – their stubborn inability to see this. But this can be easily understood – if we assume the decision to destroy, resides in their collective unconscious. Which exists to hide nasty things they don’t want to know about.

I doubt if she writes about this.


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