Does the Computer Affect our Reality?

Yes, of course. And in some very fundamental ways – such as how our money is spent.

Not too long ago, people could debate whether language affected their reality or not – as the Whorf-Sapir hypothesis suggested. But computer languages have made that debate obsolete. We now wonder if the Computer will take over entirely.

That does not appear likely – but there is no doubt that we have to use the computer advantageously – or get run over by the people who do.

Computer expertise was esoteric knowledge not long ago – but it is a survival mechanism now. If you got it, you get ahead – if you don’t, you fall behind.

Most do not get it – their work skills are no longer needed – and they have gone bonkers. Seeing danger everywhere but in the right place – in the Computer they are holding in their hands.

This cannot possibly hurt them, they will say – because it is so much fun!


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