This is a huge subject, but I want to concentrate on two areas – classical music and software development.

Classical Music

Nietzsche,  that strange genius, touches on this (and much else) according to Tanner, Michael, in his book, Nietzsche: A Very Short Introduction.

The mere use of the concept of style is enough to make us think of given frameworks within which people work, achieving individuality thanks to the support which the framework offers. An obvious case is the Classical Style in music, as manifest from Haydn through Mozart and Beethoven, petering out at some indeterminate point. The constraints of that style were rigorous, but one cannot imagine any one of those three composers thriving without it. They were able to be themselves because so much was already given. It is in the tension between the style which was available to anyone at the time, and which we can see working perfectly satisfactorily without producing works of genius in the hands of, say, Hummel, who owes it entirely to the style available to him that he can be worthwhile at all, and the strongly defined individualities of its great masters that we locate its supreme achievements.

I am still devoted to Classical music, that was written over a hundred years ago – and is still being performed today, with the musicians wearing clothing of the period. But I am also impressed by the recent developments in software development.

Software Development

What a strange place this is! In my attempt to understand it I am taking a MOOC – friends, money, bytes – which begins with an overview, showing how complicated it is! A lot of stuff is hidden here. Lots of room there for people to hide a weenie.

I am also studying the Java programing language and the Netbeans IDE – which provides an integrated environment for program development – a framework, in effect. After floundering around for awhile – there are so many tools available! I have settled on this one. They don’t mind holding your hand while you learn.

An alternative is Javascript – which is being pushed very hard – but doesn’t feel right to me.



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