They are Opposed to Anything that is Real

And not just opposed – violently opposed.

Allow me to go back in time to the Sixties – that happened from the late Sixties to the early Eighties – depending on the part of the U.S. you were in. This was a hopeful time, when we thought things were going to get better. But the Great Society ended with Vietnam.

Things got worse – so much worse that we have erased this reversal from our memories. And have forgotten the Great Abandonment ever happened – when we abandoned our values, and even reversed them. Everyone is saying “It never happened!”

Or they may say “Maybe it did happen, but there is nothing we can do about it now. The gate has slammed shut behind us, and is not going to open again.”

They have been horribly disappointed once, and they do not want a repeat of that experience.


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