Conformity and Innovation

Conformity is now the rule almost everywhere – but people do not see it this way, they think they are getting more powerful as they join with everyone else in a common cause. They feel they are part of a revolution –  when they are only being stupid.

The best example of this was Nazi Germany. I am not an expert on what happened then, in fact I think people are still baffled by it – but I can easily compare it to my experiences in workaday America in the last half of the last Century – where conformity was absolute – and where no one noticed its presence.

There was technical innovation – the Nazis produced some excellent weaponry, for example – and America produced the Computer. But the social situation in either case was deplorable – and in America still is, and also in all of the developed countries. They have riches, but little else.

This is an improvement, to be sure, and millions of desperate people want to immigrate to these countries. This is one of the biggest problems of our time – the refugees – that no one has a solution for.

But there is still the problem I am writing about today – the horrible social situation in America, that no one wants to recognize – or think about curing. Americans seem to think, if they don’t think about it – it will go away. When, in fact, it will only get worse.

It does no good to tell Americans that America is not good for people – they will only say “So what?” If you can get them to say anything at all.

The Big Problem, as I see it – is that Americans no longer exist!

I have said this, over and over – and have been ignored, over and over. People have become captives of their technology. It has become all-powerful – and they have become helpless. They don’t have to be helpless – with only a modest effort, they could understand it, and take control of it. But being helpless is much easier – and makes them like everyone else.

I am still confronted by my contemporary Americans who feel they are wonderful – but in fact, are nothing. In their minds, these are the same thing. The human mind can consider opposites to be identical.

Is the situation completely hopeless? Definitely not! I am taking a MOOC, which is the same course taught at Princeton by Mung Chiang – a very smart guy! He promises the course will be fun, and not too hard. If you want to be part of the one percent who understand what is going on – you can go this route also.


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