We Have a Good Feel For What is Going On

Our non-conscious minds, which control most of our behavior – have the ability to size up our overall situation. And to react to their conclusions – which are mostly pessimistic. This is what they are for – to warn us of danger.

Where did I get this all this talk about the non-conscious mind? From Strangers to Ourselves – although it carefully avoids making conclusions such as mine. It describes the working of our non-conscious mind, and our conscious minds – and carefully avoids making any value-judgements. A little too carefully, in my opinion.

I have a good idea what my non-conscious mind has said, based on my life experiences “Yuk! This life sucks.”

Our conscious minds have been carefully conditioned to accept the way things are – they can be trained to accept nearly anything it sees on Television, or its Smartphone. Our non-conscious minds, however, which evolved much earlier – are harder to deceive.

They are telling us, we are not up to the task of managing our world. Which is only partially true. If we wanted to, we could take stock of our resources, decide what we wanted to do – and do it! But we cannot do this, if we are paralyzed with fear – as we are now.

We have bigger problems than we have ever had, with the Global Economy – but the Computer, with Big Data and Machine Learning – is giving us the power to cope with them.

We need to get our minds synchronized – and kick this can down the road.


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