Is It Good for People?

When I ask this question, I am referring to Computers, since I worked for 20 years in the Computer industry, in California, from 1980 t0 2000.

It was abundantly clear to me that this environment was not good for the people working in it – but these same people did not seem to mind. In their minds, they were not important – they only existed to make their company work – more or less successfully.

If it wasn’t working, as was often the case – it would fail, and they would move to another company. And keep moving, company after company – hoping to find a successful one, that would make their fortune. Meanwhile building their skills to make themselves more employable.

This is what happened in the good times. In the bad times, many of them just gave up – went back home and took whatever jobs they could find.

They never asked themselves “Is this good for people?”

The question did not make much sense. It was the way things were – and they did the best they could – under the circumstances.

They were forbidden to ask the Big Question “Is this making the world any better?” The answer would have been all too clear.


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