Software Development and Globalization

I am not an expert on Software Development, or Globalization – but here I am, seeing a link (and an important link) between them. And completely baffled on how to explain it.

But I will roll up my pants, and wade in.

Software expertise has been growing at a rapid pace. Back in the Nineties (not so very long ago) Java was the answer. And it did create a quantum jump in how things were done in Software. Its Virtual Machines showed up everywhere – and made everything look like everything else – a huge improvement. There was now one Software World – not many!

But then it stalled – and new languages and platforms, (and even ecosystems) appeared – all of them related to each other. All of them saying, as loudly as they can “Use me!” New ones show up in my inbox everyday, and I hardly know what to make of them.

One of them was Python – a very high level language. Which I am learning now – using the PythonAnywhere IDE.

You may say “I’m not interested!” Or “What does this do for me, right now?” I have no answers for either one. I cannot manufacture an interest for you.

Our world is in very bad shape – look at The End of the G-20. It never occurs to these leaders of the world to take a good look at Software – and its way of looking at the world. They need a Big Hammer that can hammer many things – and Software is increasingly able to do that.

I am increasingly aware of two worlds – the ordinary one, where everyone muddles along as best they can – and the breakthrough world, of new comprehensions.

Heavens knows which one will win out.


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