Python is Not For Me

I have a simple way of deciding what is good for me – I try it out, and really try it out – I spend some time learning it, and even some money (but not too much money). If this doesn’t work, I move on – and try something else.

It’s amazing how much defective stuff (hardware and software) is out there. They must think users are idiots – and will go for anything!

About a month ago, I was told I must try Python – because it was so cool! At the time, I was interested in Machine Learning – and Python (they said) was the best at this. They led me down the golden path – and I ended up in the weeds.

So I went back to Java, which does work for me – and surprise, surprise – it does machine learning also! In fact, I am taking a MOOC on this from a University in New Zealand – someplace that really does exist!

This is what happened to me – what happens to you will be different. But my decision-making process might work for you also.


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