They Have Discovered a Substitute for Living

And they are no longer interested in the Real Thing. They have something much better. Human Life had become inadequate, and Artificial Life was taking its place.

You should be asking “Human life was inadequate for what?” And the answer is simple – inadequate for the needs of Business.

The rise of Business in the last couple of hundred years – was the most important event in human history. But this earth-shaking event has been carefully overlooked. Business has pushed people aside, and said “I’m in charge now, and you will do as I say!” And people have meekly acquiesced – they know an overwhelming force, when they meet it. And not only that – it also instructed them to forget this takeover – and they have forgotten it.

I can trace the development of this event fairly simply. It was the product of another earth-shaking event – the Industrial Revolution – that produced Workers – simple people who could do their jobs, and do nothing else – except procreate – and produce more workers – which kept their wages down. And kept profits up.

I am saying nothing new here, that hasn’t been said hundreds of times before – except for one thing – the effect of all this on the human mind. This is adaptable – and it has changed itself to fit in with this new environment. It has become a machine – to the best of its ability.

What is a machine? We cannot say – all we can do is point at one, and say “Like that!” That is an adequate explanation, however – and we quickly become like one. When I say “quickly” I mean in only a few hundred years.

I can now update my definition of Business – it is a machine composed of human parts – the same thing that built the pyramids. Except now it is producing intangible products – Software products – that almost no one understands – including me – and believe me, I have tried.

Most people do not care – they just use them, and rejoice at their new capabilities. And ignore their new dependencies. They have become addicted to a whole new way of life – and cannot give it up.

I hope this posting has given you some new ideas, for you to use.


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