How to Build a Better Society?

At one time, this was an important question, that occupied our finest minds. It assumed people could build their societies, and were responsible for the ones they had. It assumed people were in control of their world. And once they got rid of the tyrants that oppressed them, things would get much better,

This is no longer the case. We now assume people are driven by forces larger than themselves that no one understands very well – but do not seem concerned with the welfare of people – who are no longer considered important.

To put this another way – the Organization is more important than the people in it. And we now have an overall super – organization (that we are only dimly aware of, but believe in completely) that runs everything. People are no longer important at all, since they can be ordered around by these larger forces.

Let me put this in a historical perspective. Of LBJ, the Great Society, and the Vietnam War.

LBJ was probably the smartest president America ever had – and he certainly had the best relationship to Congress any president ever had. He overcame Civil Rights issues left over from the Civil War, nearly a hundred years earlier. Americans went along with this – but balked at his efforts to build a Great Society. They wanted a war instead – and the Vietnam War resulted.

How often this happens! People do not want a well-organized life – and will wreck anything resembling it.

Let me return to the subject of this posting – how to build a better Society. It seems to me – and this is just my opinion – that this is no longer an appropriate objective. We have to build a better Technology – one that includes us.


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