Their Minds are Machines

This is the big difference between the minds of Americans and the minds of the people in Costa Rica – often called Ticos. The minds of Americans have become machines, while the minds of Ticos have remained human.

This gives Americans a huge advantage in business affairs – and Ticos a huge advantage in personal affairs.

Americans who live for awhile in Costa Rica, usually go back after a few years – because they cannot live in a culture with such different values. The same is true of Ticos who live in America for a few years – they find they cannot stand the place, and come back home. In either case, the people involved had no idea why they did this – they just know they had to do it.

This mechanical mindset served Americans very well – until the Sixties. But after that, they went into a death spiral. Their mental programming became self-destructive. Having a machine for a mind was fine – until the machine went crazy. The human brain (and therefore the human mind) is a delicate machine – and is prone to many errors.  Some of them fatal.

Ticos, as part of Latin America, are part of  a culture that has not changed much in five hundred years. This means they are not as advanced – but are more stable at the personal level. At the national level, they have amazing problems, that they will probably never solve.

They are human, but they are not perfect – especially when crowded into their cities – where they become as crazy as anyone else.


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