We Must Understand

I am now interested in Machine Learning – using the Computer to analyze human behavior – and predict what they will do.

It claims to do Deep Learning – one of the many buzzwords that litter the field. But is it obvious to me, and to anyone else who gives much thought to this – that it takes a human to understand a human.

A computer analysis can help – in the present presidential race, a lot of work has gone into looking at each area of the country – in great detail. Looking at what it has done in the past – and what it is likely to do now. Everyone is spending huge amounts of money on TV ads. Assuming, correctly, that the electorate does not think – but watch their televisions instead!

Machine Learning is already happening – the television networks are telling their viewers what to think. A television network is a machine – the latest, and most powerful kind. Let me repeat that – a network is a machine!

In a way, this is nothing new – political machines were common in every large city. They worked by distributing patronage among the voters. A complicated, cumbersome process – but it worked! However, TV advertising is much more efficient. Politicians do not have to do anything to get the votes – they just have to manipulate the voter’s unconscious minds – using the images in TV ads. That bypass the conscious mind completely.

And people have become used to being part of these machines. They do what they tell them to do – automatically!

What is going on in this collective unconscious? Specifically, what is going on in the minds of Trump supporters? It is tempting to say “They don’t have any minds!” But they have unconscious minds – that are passionate – and they can vote!

We have to understand these people. A computer cannot understand them – we have to. But we have a problem – most people do not want to understand – anything!

They have machines for minds – and these machines have been programmed to not understand.


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