Inside-Out People

I’m on to something here – but I’m not sure what it is. Bear with me as I collect my thoughts.

When I woke up this morning, I had the thought “This is the first time in my life that I have a life.” What I was thinking of, was my simple life in a simple town in Costa Rica. As contrasted to the life I left behind in the States – where my life was scattered all over the place. I finally have time to pull my life together – from all the scattered pieces I had before.

I was also thinking about my girlfriend, back in Silicon Valley – who was very concerned by what other people thought of her. If we were out for a walk, just the two of us – she would worry about what other people – people walking by us on the sidewalk – would think of us. I thought that was irrelevant – the only thing important to me – was me and her, and how we were relating.

That relationship did not last too long. She was outside-oriented and I was inside-oriented. And there was no way we could get together.

Let me put this another way – they are hollow-people, without a center. Something they are proud of “Look at me, I’m not here!”

I ask myself “How can a society by built of components that do not exist?” But all I have to do is go back to the States – and see this is going on – vigorously. They are parts of a machine – that works much better if its components do not have concerns of their own.

But this brings up problems, problems of ethics – what if the machine is bad? The example, which immediately comes to mind – was Nazism. Eichmann could say, completely truthfully – that he was only following orders. But this problem comes up in less drastic situations, in any organization. People find they can get ahead faster – if they don’t rock the boat. If they are smart enough – they can leave the boat before it sinks.

This ignores the damage to them personally. We are born with honesty built into us – and when this is violated, this causes serious internal damage. I grew up with a boy from my hometown of Ft. Madison, Iowa. He married one of the nicest women I have ever known – but  followed a different career path. I became an Electronic Engineer – and he worked his way up in the Pentagon. He ended up with much more money – but lost his wife – because she lost her mind.

When your life becomes too crazy – you become crazy yourself.


One thought on “Inside-Out People

  1. In Silicon Valley everyone has to worry about what others think of them. Like C. Wright Mills stated in his works, the way capitalism works has more in common with Soviet communism than others think.

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