People Who Take Advantage of Other People

To Americans, this seems perfectly natural – everyone is out to protect his own interests, they will explain – and this is a good thing, because it results in everyone getting ahead. They might even refer you to Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations – which says that God intended things to be this way. Or they may just say it is the American Way of Life.

What they will never say – is that America is full of groups out to get ahead of other groups – at their expense. Maybe at one time, it was possible for everyone to help everyone else – but those times are long past – and will never return.

What they actually say, however – is nothing at all! They do not want to think – they only want to be entertained. Their thinking is shoved into their nonconscious minds – where it can do it’s work without being obstructed by conscious deliberations.

What they want is simple enough – more! And more of everything. And the only way to get that – is by taking it away from others.

You may object, and point to the many times America has benefited others – with the Marshall Plan in Europe, after WWII, perhaps. Or you might point to my own parents – who retired in Mexico, to help run a Student Center – that gave college students free room and board. The list is endless, and real enough. America has done some good.

But underneath this goodness, something not-so-good lurked. People proving their superiority – their superiority over other people – including their own children. As one of those children – I was acutely aware of this.

I decided this nonsense was going to stop with me – I was not going to have any children. But most people could not wait to have children of the own – and repeat the process – and even make it worse.


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