What Business Really Is

You can read endlessly about what business should be – but far less about what it actually is.

The reason for this is simple – knowing what it is, is too depressing.

I experienced this for myself, when I was working in Silicon Valley, in the Nineties. My therapists, and I had a variety of them, would never say “The problem is the crazy business models in the Valley.” They would assume that I had a problem – and prescribed Prozac, to cure me of this problem.

The problem is now clear to every business college in every university – business has become unethical (or even more bluntly – immoral). And worse than that – it cannot understand what is going on – in business or out of it. It is incompetent,  on a vast scale.

And if that is not enough – everything has become a business. The schools, the hospitals, and even the jails. Everything has to make a profit – whether that makes any sense or not.


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