Seeing Things Other People Cannot See

This happens frequently among different groups of people – they are aware of things other groups are not.

This is especially true of the universal belief in spirits in indigenous people. Each group, or each culture – is aware of, or believes in, different spirits. They can actually hear and see them – and take care stay on their right side.

Later, these spirits became gods and goddesses – that the ancients (the Greeks and Romans) took equally seriously.

Christianity, introduced its own set of beliefs. The dramatic conversion experience of Saint Paul – whatever it actually was – was taken very seriously. And even today, many Christians believe in the Bible – and can read all kinds of things into it. Just as Islamics believe in the Koran.

The religion of my family, Mormonism – is another example. They became convinced that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God – an idea that was new to him, at first – but he soon got used to it, and became a dictator in his own right. If that was what they wanted, he could easily play the role.

Let me fast-forward to the Eighties – when Americans became obsessed with the Computer. I can remember this well, because I was part of that goldrush. We didn’t know exactly what we believed in –  but we believed in it – believe me, we believed in it. Money, in huge quantities, flowed to the Computer industry – and we followed the money – and got some of its lovely jobs.

We believed in the Computer, and its miracles. We would have been foolish to not believe in it – we thought, at the time. Only now, thirty years later – we can begin to understand what we believed in. The Computer, with its networks – has created an entirely new reality – just as Christianity had, two thousand years earlier.

Allow me to summarize this:

The Computer Industry was caused by Christianity – and is a new religion.

There are a two important words in that assertion – cause,  and industry.

Causation is an important scientific belief that we cannot explain – but have to believe in. In religious terms, it is the belief that we have our agency – to do good or bad – or anything else. This is sometimes scoffed at and called the ghost in the machine. People who believed in it, however – have developed affluent societies – in Northern Europe, and its descendents. Those who didn’t believe in it – the universal South – remained poor.

Industry refers to the Industrial Revolution – a huge event that changed the North entirely – but bypassed the South. It also produced affluence.

The Computer is creating a new world that replaces the Industrial World – to the intense distress of the workers that Industrialization created – and is now abandoning. They have experienced a loss of income – but even more importantly, a loss of status.


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