The Perpetual Growth of Business

We live in a world where business is everything – it has taken over completely. But this means it is finished – it has to grow to exist (that is part of its internal dynamic) but it cannot grow any more – because there is nothing more for it to take over.

It was so successful for so long – for about 150 years – because it could always promise – more! More of everything. That was the magic word that hypnotized everyone – and made them breathe harder and faster. And made them stupider and stupider.

There is a limit to how stupid people can get – and they have reached that limit. The roller-coaster has reached its top, and is on its way down.

They may mean the end of Capitalism, and the beginning of something else – perhaps made possible by the Computer. Or it may mean another Dark Ages – where we live in the ruins of the past. Or a mix of the two.

I think it will have to be a mix – I continue to marvel at all the plastics we have – from the espresso machine that makes my coffee, to the containers that package everything. The Computer cannot make these. It can make Software, but it cannot make Hardware.

We now live on two worlds – the Software world and the Hardware world – and the two do not talk to each other.

And that is not all – we now live in a unethical world – and we have no idea how to cope with this.

We have conquered the world – but we cannot conquer ourselves.


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