They Don’t Read, They Don’t Watch

This morning I watched Why open a school? To close a prison on TED. I was amazed – I wanted to tell my family about it – but I knew they didn’t watch TED.

This afternoon, I downloaded and read Pity the Billionaire: The Hard-Times Swindle and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right and again I was amazed – but once again, I knew my family would not read it.

They are the right kind of Americans – they know nothing, and will continue to know nothing. But they think they know everything.

I would like to reverse-engineer this situation – and indeed, this is not difficult. We can begin with the ending – they think they know everything.

Our networked technologies – TV and Internet – assure them this is so. They have enormous amounts of data on everything imaginable – so much so, that figuring out what it means, has grown into a major industry. They can tell if you are pregnant – even before you can.

I’m reminded of this: “The difficult we do immediately – the impossible takes a little longer!”

People look with amazement at their smartphones – how they respond to their every touch. And conclude: if they can do everything – they can also.



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