They Get to be As Bad as They Really Want to be

I keep saying this, over and over – the people of the world are destroying their world – much to their satisfaction. But this destructive urge resides in their collective unconscious – where it can be safely denied. Along with the unconscious itself.

Many observers of the social scene have been saying approximately the same thing, for some time – but more politely. They know that telling people they are bad, will make them unpopular – and in extreme cases – dead.

People want to be bad – but they do not want to be called for it. They want to be told they are good – and not only that, but very good – even as they rape their neighbors.

This is the worst situation imaginable – which means most people cannot imagine it – and reject it out-of-hand. They will not dip into their unconscious to see what is there. Which is simply – murder, which has been there since the beginning of history. As the Good Book itself says.

They are willing to admit to a little evil here, and a little evil there – but not its existence everywhere. In fact, I am not saying it is everywhere – only in the human heart and mind. Which covers quite a bit of territory.

I can take my own mind as an example – there have been times, many times, when I wanted to destroy everything – beginning with my mother. And this urge has been debilitating – it meant I could sometimes do almost nothing. And I could see it happening in my family also – they would go to a tremendous effort to build something – and then destroy it.

This what has happened, on a global scale. We went to a tremendous effort to make Capitalism global – and then destroyed it. If it didn’t like us – we didn’t like it.

This is insane – but like any insanity, it is logical – when looked at from the inside.


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