Business Wants to be Free of Ethics

This is not surprising, every power structure wants to be free of ethical restrictions – and Business is a power structure. It has also become a religion, which has similar feelings about restrictions on them. In either case they want to be free – to do as they please.

They want to overlook their social setting – and insist that only they are important. They say – if they they become all-powerful – all will be right with the world. The faults in this reasoning cannot be seen by most of today’s population – because they have been taught to not think.

This is a recent development, that began with the rise of Industrialization in the 19th Century. Industry needed workers – people who would not think, but just do their jobs – be cogs in the wheels of the Business Machine.

This was the plan – but it didn’t work out that way. People could not be easily domesticated – turned into beasts of burden, as the horse was. They had minds, and these minds were unpredictable.

They developed religious passions that were difficult to coordinate with Industry. An example of this was the religion of my family – Mormonism – which arose as one of the results of Industrialization. Their leader, Joseph Smith, was a contemporary of Abraham Lincoln – but their paths never crossed. Abraham Lincoln fit in with Industry – he was a successful Railroad lawyer. But Joseph Smith was not interested in it – and, as a result – was murdered by an angry mob, in 1842.

We now live in another transition – the Industrial world is over, everyone agrees with that – but no one can agree on what has followed it. People have gone crazy again – and once again, have insisted on abandoning ethics. And on giving complete control to today’s dominant force – which is still business, but a different kind of business – that has arisen with TV and the Computer.

We still speak of industries, but entirely different industries – such as the Software industry. Which most people cannot comprehend in the least – but rules their lives almost completely – in the form of the smartphone, that is almost as universal as the TV.

Now that I am safely removed from all that, I am finding it interesting – especially the rise of data – everything has become digitized and stored in the cloud.

And people, once again – have become nothing.


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