Buying Votes

Today, this is done all the time. I get desperate appeals in my inbox every day – for money to pay for campaign expenses – usually to buy advertisements.

This is not thought of as buying votes – but it sure looks that way to me. You pay your money, you get your votes.

This is backed up with some sophisticated Software based on Machine Learning. The Computer learns about you (and lots of people like you) and then gives this valuable data to whoever pays for it.

Does this involve some ethical conflicts? It sure does!

Some people chose to deal with this (not an easy choice) – but most sweep it under the rug – that can hardly cover all the stuff under it.

This causes a problem – but only temporarily – people (and some very important people) decide all this crap does not exist! Zingo! It all goes away!

At one time, all this manure was spread on the land – to fertilize it. This new method is much easier – no labor is involved at all – but no fertilization occurs either.


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