Evil has Become so Common, No One Wants to Talk About It

Evil periods in human history are fairly common. The fall of the Roman Empire was a case in point. It was successful and evil at the same time. And we can say the same about America now – successful and evil. And incapable of realizing this.

There are other ways of looking at this. It can be considered insanity, greed, incompetence – or growth or development. Or even Capitalism. The list is a long one.

It is also possible to look at this as a process. As Man adapts to new technologies – he becomes a new creature. With new powers, and new problems.

Beginning in the middle of the 19th Century, there was an explosion of new technologies. Most prominently were Electricity and Photography. Things quickly got out of hand – and resulted in WWI, the Depression, and WWII.

Pandora opened her bottle – and couldn’t put the lid back on again. Donald Trump has now taken up her cause – and is trying to do the same thing. But time only flows in one direction, and cannot be turned back.

We have to accept the evil of our time – whether we want to or not.

If we do, we may be able to change it.


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