What is Business?

Business is the act of doing something productive to serve someone’s needs, and thus earn a living and make the world a better place.

Maheshwari, Anil. Data Analytics Made Accessible (Kindle Locations 253-254). . Kindle Edition.

This is clearly what Business should be, and not what Business really is – which is almost the opposite. In my opinion, Business has become evil.

Keeping these opposites clear in my mind – is one of my biggest tasks. What Business is in the ideal world – and what Business is in the real world.

This gets us directly into metaphysics, a branch of philosophy I am not comfortable with. And into the philosophy of business – that business people are not comfortable with either.

And ethics, that no one is comfortable with.

Most people are not comfortable with the abstractions I am discussing here – because they make them think – the last thing on earth they want to do.

But what this world needs most is our thinking – that is what we were put here for.


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