Mental Illness on a Global Scale

I hesitate to write about this subject, because I am not an expert on it. But, on the other hand – I am an expert on it, because I have been crazy all my life, and I have been surrounded by craziness all my life. If that doesn’t make me an expert, what does?

The crucial point is whether or not I am aware of my craziness – and here I can honestly say – a little! Enough so I can marvel at the insanity I left behind in America, when I moved to Costa Rica 15 years ago.

Large-scale mental illness is nothing new – it became noticeable when we became civilized thousands of years ago. And it has become worse, not better, since then.

One of our problems now is that we live in a global economy without the global governance to control it. And this situation is getting worse. This problem is widely acknowledged, except for the last part – the recognition that it is getting worse.

We believe instead, that things are getting better – because they have to be getting better! We believe in Progress (with a capital P) and will accept no substitutes. I don’t have to tell you that this is insane.

Everyone is asking “What’s wrong?” But ignoring any answers. Instead, they have decided to not ask any more questions – to crawl under a rock, and wait until the storm blows over.


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