These Guys are Managing America?

New Yorker Magazine

This is a very long read, and I didn’t even finish it. I got disgusted, and quit.

I kept asking myself “Are these grownups or children?”

I finally decided they were crazy – with a new kind of craziness. That would take a new kind of writing to explain. One that could set the scene in the beginning paragraph – or the first few paragraphs. That would share some new insights.

Managerial Capitalism spoke of something similar. But this is managerialism gone insane.

Perhaps this excerpt will do:

One scene in the book describes two women in a bedroom:

Heather was nude upon the bed and Kim, above her, was also nude, but wearing some sort of complicated black leather harness. Through numerous buckles and D-rings, the straps crossed her shoulders, spanned her full breasts, encircled her waist, and passed between her legs to rise again over her firm buttocks to rejoin the other straps at the waist. She held a long, black whip in her right hand. It had a leather handle and numerous strands whirling in the air as she manipulated it over the prone girl on the bed. Heather’s body was glistening in perspiration as she moaned in anticipation of the whiplash, which seemed always to be withheld.

The book caused further rancor between Perkins and Dunn at the January, 2006, retreat. By then, he had given an advance galley to Dunn, and, during cocktails with Hewlett-Packard managers and their spouses, Dunn recalled, Perkins asked her, “Pattie, what do you think of my book?”

“I haven’t read it yet,” she said evasively.

“Surely you’ve read enough to have some opinion.”

“I skimmed it,” she said—fibbing—and finally added, “It’s just not my style.”

Twenty minutes later, Perkins pulled her aside. According to Dunn, he said, “Don’t ever humiliate me in front of managers and board members. You should have just said you liked it.”


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