We Have to Live With the Computer

This seems obvious to me – but many people have said “No way!” That means giving up a way of life, that took centuries to build – that has built who they are. If they give up that, they feel – they no longer exist!

They are right – and they are wrong.

Who we are evolved over millennia – and produced some surprises, such human language, that allowed us to dominate the world.

Much later – only a few thousand years ago, we became civilized – and learned to write on clay. And many of those writings still survive. Only a few hundred years ago, we invented machines – and Industrialization. Less than a hundred years ago, we invented the computer. Note the speedup involved – faster and faster!

In every case, who we were was different – but basically, we did not change at all. We still lacked body hair, and copulated face-to-face. The computer has not changed that – computer people are still sexually active, believe me!

We can look back at our pre-computer selves – and marvel at the difference. Or, more commonly, deny any difference at all.

Either way, it is here to stay!


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