People’s Attitude Towards People

People have a serious problem – they are not interested in themselves. As far as they are concerned, they do not exist. I know this is a brutal statement to lay on you, right off the bat – but please hang with me for a while, while I explain. It’s not that hard.

To see why this is so, we have to look at the human mind, with its strong religious bias. It believes in supernatural beings and forces. And tends to concentrate on them, instead of its own body.

Every culture has its own set of beliefs – which are not part of the natural world, but part of its supernatural world.

This is part of our human heritage – along with our human language. There is no way we can get rid of it – all we can do is recognize it.

How has this affected us in our recent history – in the Modern world?

Not too long ago, this was taught in our schools. Any scholar learned Latin and Greek – and learned about the ancient world. Because understanding it was necessary to understand the Modern world – which any advanced scholar studied also.

I am studying this myself – I am reading Christendom Destroyed – which I can recommend. This is religious history – that set the stage for the technical history that followed it – and shaped who we are now.

This is usually referred to as the Industrial Revolution – that changed who we were, completely. We should be intensely interested in this – but we are not. Instead, we are interested in not understanding it. We are not interested in understanding the most important part of our past!

Because we know what this development led to – a world that was not interested in people!

It was interested in Railroads and Steamships – and the managerial hierarchy they engendered. And factories and manufacturing and world trade. All exciting stuff, that made them forget people – who became part of the machinery.


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