Putting Artificial Intelligence in its Social Context

Artificial Intelligence arrived just as people became stupid.

We were able to develop Artificial Intelligence so successfully, because we neglected our Social Intelligence so completely.

What do I mean by Social Intelligence? What do I mean by Social Stupidity? I mean Political Stupidity, which has reached epidemic proportions.

Democracies are everywhere – and everywhere they have failed. Because mass communication (especially TV)  has made mass control possible. This is a simplistic explanation, I know – but it will do for a start.

I have experienced TV’s power on myself, and others – and have seen how this massive influence is not noticed by its viewers. But used by advertisers everywhere – who are clearly in control.

Mass Communication has produced Mass Stupidity. And Artificial Intelligence.

Because of the Computer – an entirely different technology – but most people think – it just another TV. Made to entertain them.

The Computer, and its networks, has produced huge amounts of data – and AI is used sift through this data – figure out what is really going on – and redirect people’s attention, to make them behave properly.

It is not used to make them smarter – it could be, but it is not.

This is the tragedy of our times.


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