Thinking About Thinking

We should do more of this – what kind of thinking are we doing? What attitude do we have towards it?

In most cases the answer is simple “I don’t want to think about it!” And getting this much of a response is a struggle – usually people avoid any serious discussions.

This attitude (a strong aversion to thinking) has been some time developing – and is a reaction to the kind of thinking that got us to where we are. A world dominated by bots – software that is smarter than we are.

This takeover has been subtle and gradual. But greatly accelerated in the last fifty years, or so – under the influence of TV and the Computer. We gave the people behind these technologies the power to rule over us. But after this happened – we were not happy with the results.

This is basically a religious process, and has happened many times before. People want to serve higher purposes – and TV and the Computer were seen as one of those purposes. That we rushed to serve. And (we thought) would make us much better! But that didn’t happen.

If we were smart, we could see what had happened – and then change our minds. But we have been so badly damaged – in our thinking ability – that we cannot.

Let me return to the bots I was talking about. These were produced by Artificial Intelligence – software projects that were funded by businesses – to make them more profitable – and give them more control over their customers – and other businesses that were not so smart.

It makes them more powerful. And, as always – power corrupts.


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