Religious Violence

This is not something people want to think about. If they think at all, they want to think about nice things – not nasty things. They want to keep their minds pure.

This brings up an important topic – what people think they are. Something else they don’t want to think about. To discover this, we will have to do some detective work – to discover what is going on ign their subconscious minds. Something else they don’t want to know about.

We are venturing into forbidden territory – forbidden in a lot of ways. So much so, people panic if the even start to think about it. That’s why they do not think. They are scared.

I fished down a book from my bookshelf, entitled Communities of Violence – Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages. Which reminded me of the violence in the religion of my family – Mormonism. The church’s founder, Joseph Smith, was murdered by a violent mob, in 1844. This was religious violence.

In every case, the victims were a minority – if not in numbers, in power.

This brings us up to our time – where many people have experienced a loss of power – and gone crazy, as a result. This craziness can easily become violent – as it has many times in the past.

People are tempted to give these people the power they want – hoping this will satisfy them. When it probably will only make them worse.

How has Religion become part of this picture? Because Business has become a religion. And Business is going through a vast change from Industrialization to Computerization.

Too many things are going on, and people have lost their minds – just when they need them the most.


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