We, the People – Who Are No Longer Important

Trump and American Populism

This article defines racial-national populism – as the party of Trump. Not a bad label, but explaining it involves a review of American History in the late 19th Century and 20th Centuries. I prefer a simpler explanation – the People who are No Longer Important.

And who object to being assigned to the Garbage Dump of History. They have no objection to other people being sent there, in great numbers – but insist on their own human rights.

However, they are doing a poor job of defining who they are – and who they are against. Who are they pointing at, in either case? This requires them to think – something they are reluctant to do.

No problem – I will do their thinking for them. And note they are sometimes referred to as the working class. People who were working in Industry. Back in the Thirties – when I was born in Ft. Madison, Iowa – they worked for the Santa Fe Railroad in the west end of town – and for the Sheaffer Pen Company on the east end. Both of these have disappeared – and their jobs with them. Workers are no longer wanted there – and are no longer important.

But these are not Trump supporters. These guys (and gals) are infected with a religious fervor – and can perceive the Bad and the Good easily – even if no one else can. They can say “There they are! (the Bad Guys)” and people like them – will see them also.

Trump is like the many demagogues in history, religious or otherwise. People want to follow them – regardless of the consequences.


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