Messing Things Up

I continue my struggle to explain how things are. This isn’t easy, believe me – because most of what I see is so disturbing. People want to hear good news, when there isn’t much.

This is not unusual – many periods of history were not something we would want to repeat. Once things got bad, they tended to get really bad. In ways that had never been thought of before.

There has always been the struggle between Good and Evil – but the tendency now is to overlook this struggle. and pay attention to more interesting things!

These now center around the wonders of the Computer – things like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. These, we are told – will revolutionize the world. The very thought of it, is enough to make us drop our panties! And send trillions of dollars to it, for it spend as it pleases.

The Kingdom of Heaven has finally arrived – for real!

I recently watched a recap of the Enron Story – which promised the same thing. The New Economy had arrived, and would make all of us rich! I was in that New Economy at the time – but could not understand it, because so much was happening. The sky was falling in around our ears – and everyone was saying “How Wonderful!” Now, 15 years later – I can finally understand it.

It was hype – and hype was the new currency.

And one other thing – the impulse to mess up everything! And this time – do it completely.


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