Emotional Resources

These can refer to a person’s resources or a group’s resources. In companies, this is sometimes referred to as its Social Capital. In Capitalism itself, it was not considered important – and this resulted in an emotionally-warped society. The horrors of WWI, the Depression, and WWII.

As we transition from a Hardware society (with its hard attitudes) to a Software society (with its soft attitudes) we are realizing how important people are. Software is made by people – and these people have to function correctly. The way this is done is complicated and technical – and people should be interested in it. But most are not.

Instead, many are fighting it as hard as they can. And they now have a spokesperson – Trump. He is doing us a favor – by making our problems explicit, and highly visible.

He is being countered by another force made possible by the Internet – MOOCs. One from MIT is called – Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered. Thousands are taking these courses – but millions are not. These millions are not bad people themselves – but they are making bad people (such as Trump) possible.

They are not bad people – but they don’t exist – and cannot do any good.


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