Panama: The Hidden Trillions

NY Review

Costa Rica, where I live, is sandwiched between Nicaragua to the north – and Panama to the south. I have traveled in both places – and I thank my lucky stars, that I don’t live in either one of them.

But I know people who are going to Panama to make their fortune. Corruption, for them, is a golden opportunity.

This was true, much earlier, in the American Canal Zone. Where lots of Americans made lots of money – much more than they would have made back home. My friend Jerry was one of them. He knew Noriega personally – before he ended up in an American prison.

Jerry was a friend who gradually lost his mind, after he had lost his money – like many of my friends – and ended up being taken care of by one of his daughters.

Panama is now part of the corrupt global banking that is described so well in this article – that reviews six books. The extent of this corruption – many trillions of dollars – is unbelievable.


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