Being Good to Yourself is Hard

My religious family was an example. They established missions in foreign countries – to benefit the people there. But they then destroyed these missions – and themselves. They could be good to other people – but not to themselves.

Perhaps I could generalize on this even more – and say being good is hard. In the world, as it is.

Sometimes it pays to take the widest view possible – and then situate the particulars in this wider context. But this is difficult when you are already dealing in a global context. This is so big, we are certain it is the way it is – and cannot be changed. And that even thinking about such a change is somehow treasonous.

But I can do so easily, and simply say “The World is Bad!” There, I have said it, and the sky has not fallen in.

And I have said something useful – something that explains the way things are. And not only that – but explains why things are so hard to change. Because the problem is so big.

I will be more explicit – and speak of the way things were in the Computer Industry. in the Nineties, in Silicon Valley. Many places have tried to emulate (or copy) this model – since it was so successful in raking in the money.

This was even done in Costa Rica, where I now live. And has resulted in parts of the country, that have been devastated, socially. There is money there – but little else.

The process was simple – people were devalued, and other things highly valued. A process that has been going on for hundreds of years – but greatly accelerated in the last fifty years or so. Due to the impact of networked technologies – the TV and the Computer.

This situation (these new technologies) helped people create new ways of being bad (or unethical). Two things were necessary (1) new technologies and (2) unscrupulous people, who would take advantage of these technologies.

To return Silicon Valley again – this enabled the takeover of companies by people only interested in grabbing the goodies.

Once these were gone, the much harder process of making things work for everyone – could begin.


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