Self-Destruction is the Best We Can Do

At our core, we are judgemental creatures – and know instinctively whether we are good or bad, right or wrong. And we like to act on these judgements. Whether they are accurate or not.

We can now see we don’t amount to much – and we are not likely to improve. And for that reason. deserve to be destroyed.

We are not aware of this reasoning, which goes on in our unconscious minds – but we have acted on it – and this destructive attitude is behind much of what has happened in the world in the last half-century.

This final collapse was caused by Television, followed by the Computer. Two technologies that permitted the worst kind of people to take over. They corrupted our decision-making process entirely. Both individually and collectively.

I am taking a MOOC now that is focussed on Ethical Blindness in Organizations. An important subject, to be sure, and one we should be aware of.

But this overlooks a much larger blindness, that it is part of – our inability to cope with our latest technologies – that are more powerful than we are. Or, to be more accurate – these technologies – and the kind of people who have been empowered by them. Both have to be considered together.

This combination is too much for the average person to deal with. This puzzles me – I am not especially bright, but I can see the problem, easily enough.

But the average person is in control – and has decided to end it all.


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