The Collapse of the Growth Economy

If this economy (sometimes called the Market Economy) were plotted for the 19th, 20th, and the 21st Centuries – the pattern would be familiar. An exponential rise, followed by a leveling off – followed by a sharp decline. The first part of the curve influenced by positive feedback – the last part by a negative feedback.

Some economists might start it earlier – in the 15th Century, when the Modern World took off. But what interests us now – is now. When things are going down, down, down. When will it end?

Not everyone is going down – disruptive technologies are also at work. And the people here are doing very well indeed. Everyone and his brother wants to know “Which ones are these?” So they can make a killing by investing in them.

But the New Economy doesn’t work that way – the rewards you get, are being able to help everyone else do it better. For these guys (and gals) that’s good enough.


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