Why So Much Hatred?

Because it is so common, it is not noticed – but feels normal, instead.

This explains the present situation – but not the the process that got us here. Where people are seen mainly as competitors – not as helpmates.

This attitude, when put into practice, did yield a surprising result – affluence. And people made the logical inference – it you want to be rich, you gotta be bad – and antisocial.

That any other route might also work, was not considered. If you had something that worked – why try something else? It was not the perfect solution, far from it – but was the only solution!

But it gradually stopped working – in the middle of the last century. And has been getting worse ever since.

“No, no no!” Everyone is screaming, “You are completely wrong! The present situation only needs a few tweaks, here and there – to make it work. And these tweaks are being made.”

But as the situation continues to deteriorate, more and more tweaks are needed. It is obvious to me, if no one else – that something radical has to be done. We have to switch to a cooperative economy.

And this is being done, right now – in Software. Which now makes our world work. At least in the more advanced kinds of Software. There is plenty of the old kind out there – busy messing up the world.

And it is hard to separate the two – to separate the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps in another twenty years, or so – this will be easier. But meanwhile, all kinds of crap will be going on.

And people will continue to insist that nothing bad is going on.


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