The Swing Thing

I continue to be fascinated by the latest developments in Software – and Swing is one of those developments.

Philosophically, I see large social developments in terms of Construction and Destruction. The classic example being the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. History that is so similar to our own, that people don’t want to think about it. Because, economically, we are clearly on the falling part of the curve.

But software-wise, we are on a rising curve. And this is keeping a lot of boats afloat. Including a lot of boats that should have sunk long ago.

Let me give you an example. I am reading Walt Whitman, and trying to understand him. I do a Google on walt whitman american dream – and get links to some amazing explanations. My meager mind has been vastly improved by connecting it to the Web.

Something that has showed up out of nowhere, and created vast amounts of good and bad. I was working in Silicon Valley in the Nineties, and I can remember the excitement it occasioned – no one understood it, they just wanted to be part of it. People laid down in front of it – and asked it to roll over them. It was inevitable, and they knew it.

My new, vastly improved mind was made possible by the Internet and Search technology. And something else – a whole complex we sometimes refer to as Big Data, or Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence, etc.

That the 99 percent cannot understand – or want to understand. The world (the Software world, that is) goes racing on, leaving them in its dust.

So what do they do? They set out to destroy it, in every way that they can. This summarizes our present situation. Vast battles that no one can see – that are determining the future.

I started out to write about Swing, and I might as well get back to it. What is this? It is a movement of Software Developers who are developing a better way of making software. That’s all.

I could compare it to another social movement of two thousand years ago – Christianity. Which was originally just an idea, an ideology. Or, more precisely – many related ideologies – where the Roman variety won out.

Likewise, in the Software world, there are many developments – all obsessed with doing the same thing. Making Software better.

Like the Romans of old, this does not seem important to us – but it is taking over, and destroying the world that was.


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