People Who Are Not What They Seem

I have the uncomfortable feeling that I getting into dangerous territory here.

The people I am thinking of are the Americans I fled from in 2001 – when I moved to Costa Rica. My life up there was life in a war zone – where the survivors are completely unaware of the ruins they are living in. And for that matter – unaware of nearly everything. They had to be, to survive.

To survive, they had to not be.

This was the insight I arrived at, after living up there. And I am not giving it up.

Perhaps it is expressed in the graphic novel Soft City, which is reviewed here. I bought this from Amazon, and had it shipped to me, down here, at considerable expense.

Its existence emphasizes the two cultures in America – the literate, and aware – and the illiterate, and unaware – 99 percent of the population.

But that is not all – there is another divide, between the Industrial Age and the Computer Age. This is just beginning to sort itself out – and it will be awhile before the dust settles here.

And dust there is! I am taking an online course on Swing – which I cannot begin to describe – but I can tell you, is a big deal. Watching this course, I feel like a small child – listening to grownups speak another language.

The net result will be familiar – most of the people in the world will become obsolete, since their Industrial skills are no longer needed. This means a loss of income – but more importantly, a loss of identity. And this has resulted in – global violence, and chaos. Where no one understands anything.

We been here before – many times, in fact. And people, of some kind will come out of it. What kind this will be – we have no idea.


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