The New Reality

This is something the New America is building – in its collective unconscious mind.

They are not aware of this, indeed they are not aware of much of anything at all – which means its existence, and its operation, must be inferred from what they actually do.

First of all, to build a new world you must begin by destroying the old. And any forces that assist in this process are welcomed.

The same thing happened two thousand years ago, with the rise of Christianity. The Roman Empire was collapsing, and the Christians were there to help it along.

Likewise, today’s world is collapsing, and most of the population are helping it along. They are influenced by the fervor of a New Religion – that also prophecies the coming of a new world, and the destruction of the old!

The details of how this is be done, are not specified. All that people need to know – is that the present world must be destroyed – and the sooner the better. They do not give much thought to this – indeed, they do not think at all – that is part of their New Reality – where thinking does not happen at all.

What they want is the destruction of the Modern World, and the creation of a new one. That would be much better than the old one – that has become hopelessly corrupt, and sinful. As described in the book of Revelations, in the Bible.

This resulted in the Middle Ages in the West – that lasted for a thousand years. A disaster of the first magnitude that no one would wish for – but, without thinking about it – is what they want to return to.

I refer you to The Huge and Dire Consequences of the Fed – which describes how Bernanke tried to manage the Great Recession. Something every American ought to read – but Americans are not reading. Reading has been replaced by Watching – their iPhones.

We are now in a new Middle Ages – that no one worries about, because there is some much entertainment available – for free! The Economy is slowly sinking – but, as on the Titanic, the band is still playing.

The economy is sinking because no one (or almost no one) wants it to save it! Saving it is too much work – but destroying it is easy. And this conforms to the spirit of the times – Armageddon!


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