Can Technology Make People Better?

Yes! We are a technology-using species – beginning with our human language, and our large brain – that let us think.

I often compare myself to the tiny flying insects so common in the tropics. These rascals can do everything – fly, walk, see, smell, taste, and reproduce (in large numbers).

What do we have, that they do not? Consciousness. I am aware of them, but they are not aware of me. I can take a fly-swatter to them – but they cannot do the same to me.

Does this make me better? This is a question the whole world is asking itself. Is having these humans around any good for all of us?

But we can narrow this question much farther – are we any good for us? And the “we” here has to include our latest technologies – including the Atomic Bomb. Which is having less of an impact than Television and the Smartphone.

Which have taken over, without anyone being aware of this.

But this is not all – the complex called Artificial Intelligence is having an even bigger impact. Television made us stupid – but this is eliminating us entirely!

Somewhere along the line, our technologies have gotten the best of us.

This doesn’t have to be a permanent condition – all we have to do is wake up, and realize where we are. But this is not happening – our technologies (especially the latest ones) have changed us permanently – and not for the better.

How this has happened, I have no idea. But the overall result has been a reversal of values – stupidity instead of intelligence. Two things have happened at the same time – people have become stupid, as their computers have become intelligent.

This gives us a new Authoritarian society never seen before (where software rules the world) – one we cannot begin to understand, or control. It may become Totalitarian – ruled by one man, such as Trump. This has happened before, and could easily happen again.


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